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The passion for cooking was born from my mother who at some point in her life gave up her administrative job to open a dairy with cooked food with my father. In those days there were no cafés with hot food and those who worked went to these places for lunch. The ease and naturalness with which my mother cooked has always fascinated me and from her I learned the pleasure for food. In life I did other jobs but this passion never left me until my wife, giving me a professional cooking course, made me better know the magic of cooking. I have since taken up my family's dishes and we have created our own to add to the family recipe book.


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The warmth of a home menu. Three generations of recipes to taste.



Do you want to cook what we are going to eat together? Do you want to discover new recipes or some new techniques? Come to our kitchen between chat and recipes and we will prepare our dinner or lunch together



A rich menu for the cold winter period

A Family Dinner or Lunch

Three generation receipes for you

Would you have a unique experience? Would you  organize a special evening?  Would you test Would you taste dishes that have been passed down through three generations?

We can organize a lunch or dinner with a special menu agreed with you


A fantastic evening

Giulia D. - Milano

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